• Outpatient Therapy

      Outpatient Therapy

      Haven Physical Therapy can help provide the strength to get you back to your normal life.  Our patient-centered therapy combines traditional treatment approaches with practical and functional intervention.  We work closely with your doctor to ensure the best home health care possible.  Haven gets you back to living life and doing what you love to do.  Our therapists bring the equipment needed and treat you in your home; this allows us to effectively evaluate your specifics needs.

      We provide: Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapy

      • For seniors, we will let you know what your equipment needs are and what strategies will keep you in your home as long as possible
      • For athletes we can work with you on your practice field to ensure the best carry-over of skills
      • For employers, we can treat on site and reduce down time of your employees
      • For parents, no need to rearrange your already busy schedule when we can come to you
      • We teach customized skills and exercises needed to maintain strength and safety
      • Specially designed programs for your home and lifestyle
      • Privacy and one-on-one care

      Cody Hooten, DPT

      Clinic Manager

      Cody graduated from Southwest Baptist University with his Doctorate of Physical Therapy. Cody specializes in treating patients with a hands-on approach, utilizing manual therapy techniques like IASTM (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization) and dry needling (very effective in pain management). He is skilled in treating patients with chronic pain, post-surgical rehab, sports-related injuries, and workmans’ comp.

      Haven Rehab contracts with short-term rehabilitation hospitals and skilled nursing facilities to provide staff and build rehab programs.

      Outpatient Services

      • Strengthening (Fitness Program Design)
      • Total Knee & Hip Replacements
      • Lymphedema
      • Mobility (Walking and Transfers)
      • Hand & Wrist Conditions
      • Pre and Post Operative Rehabilitation
      • Elbow & Shoulder Conditions
      • Spinal Conditions (Neck/Low Back)
      • Chronic Pain (Fibromyalgia/Headaches)
      • Balance/Vestibular Deficits (Fall Prevention)
      • Foot/Ankle Pain
      • Brain Injury Rehabilitation
      • Adaptive Equipment & Home Safety Evaluations
      • Speech and Language Treatment (Pediatric and Adults)
      • Specialized Pediatric Programs
      • Dysphagia Treatment (Swallowing Difficulty)
      • Dementia Programs
      • Vitalstim Therapy (Specialized Swallow Treatment)
      • Industrial Rehabilitation
      • Work Hardening
      • Sports Injury Rehabilitation
      • TMJ ( Temporomandibular disorders ) Jaw Pain


      Specialties Include:

      • Strengthening – Weakness can develop slowly, but strength can be restored regardless of age.
      • Therapeutic Massage – In combination with several other manual techniques, therapeutic massage can be one of the most effective treatments for pain and help speed recovery.
      • Manual Technique – Strain Counter strain; Mulligan Technique; Joint Mobilization; Neural Tension are just a few of many techniques utilized to correct an imbalance.
      • Total Knee & Hip Replacements – A new knee or hip joint can cure the pain, most likely there have been months or years of muscular atrophy prior to surgery.  Returning normal strength, range of motion, and functional use is our expertise.
      • Mobility (Walking and Transfers) – As we age, simple tasks such as walking, getting in and out of a chair, or in and out of the shower becomes more difficult.  Our therapists work with you to make these tasks easier.
      • Hand & Wrist Conditions (Such As Carpel Tunnel, Trigger Finger)Difficulty opening a lid, or frequently dropping objects.  Noting changes early and seeking professional intervention is key to preventing more significant problems.
      • Elbow & Shoulder Conditions (Tennis Elbow, Rotator Cuff) – Much like many other orthopedic conditions, problems with the elbow or shoulder can be progressive.  What once started out as a minor irritation can quickly develop into a painful and debilitating condition.  With the right treatment approach and an understanding of what precautions to take, many of these conditions can be resolved.
      • Spinal Conditions (Neck/Low Back) – Whether it’s a chronic condition or a post surgical case, trust your spine to therapists who have a strong background treating clients.
      • Chronic Pain (Fibromyalgia, Headaches) – Pain management must be tackled from several directions.  We will work with your doctor to find the perfect balance to use proven methods of treatment.  Electrical stimulation, ultrasound, therapeutic massage, and joint mobilization are just a few of the techniques we incorporate into your customized treatment.
      • Balance/Vestibular Deficits – Balance has a direct effect on safety.  Multiple factors affect balance, and understanding these factors is key to effectively treating a balance dysfunction.
      • Foot/Ankle Pain(Plantar Fasciitis, Sprains) – Several structural changes can occur with age.  With the right orthotic fitting and treatment, many of these changes can be effectively managed.
      • Brain Injury Rehabilitation – Brain trauma or stroke requires intensive rehabilitation.  Continue your therapy at home to maximize progress.
      • Adaptive Equipment & Home Safety Evaluations – Many clients need only a few inexpensive alterations in their homes to maintain their safety.  Making a home safe in advance can avoid relocation to a nursing home or assisted living.  Our home safety evaluation provides information for you to make good decisions about home adaptation.
      • Speech and Language Treatment – A speech therapist can help treat someone who has difficulty with word finding, understanding others, or making wants and needs known.  Speech therapists also address cognitive deficits such as difficulty with memory, safety awareness, and problem solving.  Ask about our Dementia Program.
      • Dysphagia Treatment (Swallowing Difficulty) – Just like any other muscle in the body,the muscles used for swallowing can weaken.  When this happens, the risk for choking increases and eating becomes less enjoyable.  Speech therapists have specialized skills and knowledge for treating swallow disorders.
      • Vitalstim Therapy – This specialized swallowing treatment utilizes electric stimulation to improve and restore swallow function.
      • Dementia Program – Many families caring for a loved one with dementia need strategies to ensure safety.  Research indicates that certain mental exercises can help slow dementias progress in some cases. Let one of our specialized speech therapists design a program for you or your loved one today and let the brain fitness begin.
      • Kinesio Taping This is one of the newest and most popular techniques used for the management of pain and muscle imbalance.  Used in conjunction with dynamic stretching techniques, it can be one of the most effective treatments for sports related injuries.
      • Auto Injury/Work Compensation – We can help make a difficult time a little easier by providing in-home treatment and saving you the sometimes painful process of getting to your outpatient therapy.
      • On-site Industrial Rehabilitation – We improve efficiency to employers and convenience to the employee by providing therapy at your place of employment.  We work closely with your occupational physician to clarify job restrictions and speed a return to duties.

      Are you ready for help from Haven Home Health & Therapy?  Do you know someone in need?  Contact us today at 417.581.1234.

      We provide outpatient therapy services to the following areas: Springfield, MO; Ozark, MO; Republic, MO; Nixa, MO; Branson, MO; Willard, MO and additional Southwest Missouri areas.

      In-network with the following insurances:

      • Aetna
      • Anthem BCBS
      • Coventry
      • Humana
      • Medicare
      • Medicaid
      • HomeLink
      • Med-pay
      • Healthlink
      • Triwest
      • Tricare west
      • Mercy Network
      • United Healthcare
      • Work Comp Insurers

      Do you have physical difficulties getting out to go to an outpatient clinic? Click here to learn more about our home health services Haven Home Health


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